Japanese Straightening

INARI Salon & Spa specializes in Japanese Straightening. Washington DC is known for hot, humid summers. If you've got curly or wavy hair, you know what a summer in Washington DC is like. In DC, Japanese straightening will save you time and unnecessary drama each day. INARI Salon & Spa uses the Yuko Japanese Straightening System.

Call us to schedule your consultation today at 202.898.6350. Make INARI Salon & Spa your destination for Japanese Straightening in Washington DC.

Before and After

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ConsultationOur stylist will assess your hair by checking your hair type, asking you about your chemical treatment history, assessing dryness, and determine your hair's damage level.
Pre-treatmentOur stylist will wash your hair and spray on the appropriate pre-treatment. The pre-treatment prepares the hair with necessary nutrients for processing.
Solution applicationYUKO Hair Straightening solution will be applied and left to saturate your hair. The solution will physically change the internal structure of the hair.
Rinse solutionThe solution is rinsed off completely.
Iron hairAfter rinsing, the stylists will blow dry and iron the hair. Ironing permanently creates the straight shape.
Neutralize solutionCondition and finalize your newly straightened hair
Blow dryFor the finishing touch, the stylist will blow dry and iron to style your hair.

Yuko Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have YUKO hair straightening and color at the same time?

A: No. Color your hair at least 2 weeks before or after the straightening procedure. Applying both chemical treatments simultaneously will result in hair damage, so do them separately to avoid undesirable results.

Q: I have done a different brand of Japanese hair straightening before. Can I still have YUKO hair straightening done?

A: If the previous hair straightening procedure uses the same chemical (Ammonium Thioglycolate) as YUKO straightening solutions, applying YUKO will not be a problem. Please contact both companies to make sure chemicals are the same. Even if both use the same chemicals, the YUKO hair straightening process may not fully work if the hair is badly damaged already.

Q: I have done a relaxer/Brazilian/Keratin treatment before. Can I still have YUKO hair straightening done?

A: Wait. YUKO does not recommend getting YUKO hair straightening except on new growth. Please wait 3-4 months until the relaxer/Brazilian/Keratin Treatment coating is completely off your hair to get YUKO hair straightening.

Q: How is YUKO Japanese hair straightening different from other Japanese hair straightening methods?

A: In addition to being a state-of-the-art hair straightening system, YUKO hair straightening is also a recognized technique of restoring health to the hair. The YUKO Hair Straightening procedure holds a patent in the US, as well as in Japan, New Zealand, Turkey and other countries.

Q: How is YUKO Japanese hair straightening different from Brazilian/Keratin treatment methods?

A: YUKO Japanese hair straightening permanently straightens hair by physically changing the internal structure of hair. Brazilian/Keratin treatment temporarily coats hair with keratin to smooth hair. Brazilian/Keratin treatments will wash out in an average 3 months, so you must visit a salon often to re-coat the hair with this method.